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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in sparklypinklol's LiveJournal:

Saturday, October 16th, 2004
3:16 pm
high peepz!!11`133 vei ben on a awsom vacaton in HaQwaii!!!111 it wuz da best 2 weekz ive evr had sept 4 dat tyme me and maris went to da ranch and rowed horseez all dai!!!!111 but hawaii wuz goud ! meye ant tuk uz der cuz sheez heckka jkewl vut also cuz she'zz on da run frum tha poleese 4 killling da mailman with a pear ohf hedgetrimmerz!!!1111 lol datz so my ant. newayz hour hotel rum wuz nice but threre were al deez stains on da carpet dat louked lyke peeple!!11111 my ant sed dey wur chak outlinz of ded peeple but wen i assed her how she new dat she sed she had a food cookingn!!11llool. lol. k so wee wen t on a bowt trip once an itwsas soooooo booooring!!!!!11111 i fell asleep 1nc we wur at da eyeland dat we wur gong 2, an i woke up in da water with da boat leafing me owt at see!!!1111 lol i;m shur it wuz an accidnet. i swam back 2 shore wit a hole bunch oh jellifiish stingys!!!!1111 yowchersz!!111 lol. 1nc i found are apartnemnt and da rium nobody wuz der!!!1111 i fownd a note sayingng dat da police had fond my ant an dey had a shootout an she dyd!!!!111111 dat sux. but dey gave me a plain tikket and i went hom tha next day. on da plain wide hom, a 43 yar ald bussneess man saturday next to me an wnnted to shoe me his stamp kollecktion in da bafroom, so i went. sum pooeeple keep dere stampis in weerd places!!!11 dats all 44 cow!!!1111 bury!!!11

Current Mood: jubilant
Monday, September 13th, 2004
5:26 pm
Da Whorse Racis
omfg let mee give a showt owt two my nigga (jk!) bartholomew heez so tight cuz he tuk me and my lil cuzin to da hors racies!!!111 IT wuz so tite!11111 1st i met dis jocky hoo wuz in da racies nd he told me towo bet on him bcuz he alwayz winz~~```~~!! nd im lyke "k shure butt u have to kiss mee!11111" lol nd so he ran away butt dats beesidez da point lol. newayz me and mi cuzin went to our seets and diz big fat guy sat in frontof us!!1111 whut a jrk!11111111 so i told him 2 moove nd he didnt so i poked him in da hed and he touik my cuzin an throu her in2 da race ring!!1111 she got trampled!!!11111 omfg wut an assho. but i maid sum money bcuz "Violent Striptease" wun da raice and heez who eye betted on!111111 so wen i reelized dat i shouted "EYE WUN!!!" nd i was beeten by muggerz in da parki ng lat. bartholomew left me 4 ded an whent home. i walked da 23 milez back 2my home onee to find ma dad had seacretlee switchd da loks on da howse while ey wuz gon!! itz ok ddough, i broke in threw da window wit ma hed!!!111 wel i knee'd to chang ragz, diz onez gittin 2 bloodee. lol. bi!!!111

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, September 4th, 2004
9:10 pm
Srry Peepz!!!111
omg srry 2 all mah phans owt dere, i havent ben ^dating in awile cuz i wuz @ mah moms hows an she duzzent have a comp!!1111 so so sos sad!!111 ne wayz, skool *ted, so dat meens less mallz!!!11 fuk dat!!1 lol. me erth sience teecher is hekka kool, he sed he'd help me owt with my homwork after skewl!!111 he sed aslomng as i were a bikini hell twotor me!!111 wut a nise guy lol. at lunch diz bitch bumped in2 me an made me spil soduh on mi pantz!!111 i got so mad dat eye scratched erh!11 but now sheez filing a lawsoot against me!1111 i gess peepl get mad wen you slit there rists open wit ur nails!!11111 lol. i havem't seen mah dad in awhil, i think heez pased out in da backyard doo 2 overdose of heroin, butt ey neva go owt der ever sinc mah dad stangled my last sister back der11!11 lol. ne wayz, MTV is on so i myuzt go wath it!!1111 ok buy.

Current Mood: bitchy
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
6:14 pm
omg ma dad wuz feelin bad bout herting me yesturday so owt of pyur considuraton (nd me thretnin to cal child survices) he baught me a kitti!!!111111 omg sheez so cute i named her gorgus!!!!!1111111 like george butt different!1111111 lol ololol omf eyem so clevr rofl. newayz i cald ma bestest friand eer nd envited her 2 cum an see my kitti!1111 so alexisanne cume oer an she plyed wif ma kitty omg o!!!!!111111111111111111 den my dad sed he kneeded alexisanne 2 help him cleen hiz rum and they went upstairz nd lokked da door for an hour!!!!11111 lol hiz room muzt hav ben hekka messi!!!!1111 lol lol rofl i mayk mysalf laff soo hard!!1111111 ne wayz dats all 4 2 day!11 bi!

Current Mood: giggly
Saturday, August 21st, 2004
6:38 pm
OMFG 2 DAY SUKKED!11111111
omg k let me strt.2dae toetalli sukked azz!!11111 ma fukkin dAd iz such a coksuker!!1111111 me and kiersten wur goin2 go 2 a gc copncert butt ma dad deceyeded dat he wood rather beat us nd rape us den take us!!11111 omg wut a stoopid jerk!!!!!111111 ne wayz i weft and went 2 kierstens howse cuz ma dadz crazee!!1 lol. 1nce we got 2 her howse we wentonline nd tlked 2 our freindz who wee met on da nternet. they seem relli nice nd sweat! i catn wate 2 meat dem!1111 they sed 2 naught bring police 4 sum reeson. o wel dats ok their stil kool. newayz aftre dat we wached mtv nd it wuz realli kool cuz they had justin timberlake on it an hez HAWT OMG!!!!1111111111 rofl omg lol. wel ma dadz yellin at me to cum down 2 da cellar and eat popsikles so ill c yall l8er lol.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Friday, August 20th, 2004
10:32 pm
omg i finnally got in2 diz hole 'lyvejernal' thing itz so kewl!111 ne wayz 2day was krazee me nd my bud trisha went 2 da mall lyke we due evry dae at 2:45 pM lol and we wentt 3 hawt topic and boht clothes n stuf and then we went 2 the ood kort and we were chekkin owt tdeez hottiesz nad theu didt luk bak dough!111111 so os so sad!@122 it duzent matre ne wayz cuz IVe got a BF111!@! hiz anme is festo and he'z 34 butt if u red mi prof ud no dat!!!!!1111 lol ne wayz i think dat i;m gonna go lissn 2 my yellowcard cd omg omg omg there sooooo good!!!!111111111 bye theri cdZ~```1 OK BI.

Current Mood: bouncy
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